• Nidi's history is tied to that of a longstanding company based in the northern Italian province of Treviso: Battistella, a leading name in furniture since 1953 and the first company in Italy to begin producing laminate children's bedroom furniture.

    A line of furniture designed for the world of children and adolescents, designed with a conscious approach to the design and quality of the various materials, capable of creating innovative, stimulating, personalized rooms where children can grow up and develop their own personality thanks to in use from light forms that are playful and colorful. Nidi attracts the limits of a colorful world built around the needs of children, the best place to play, sleep, learn and cultivate.

  • Nidi

Featured Collection


  • Sapce 6 (kids)
    Sapce 6 (kids)
  • Space 1 (kids)
    Space 1 (kids)
  • Space 11 (teens)
    Space 11 (teens)
  • Space 12 (teens)
    Space 12 (teens)
  • Space 18 (kids)
    Space 18 (kids)
  • Space 28 (kids)
    Space 28 (kids)
  • Space 3 (kids)
    Space 3 (kids)
  • Space 4 (kids)
    Space 4 (kids)
  • Space 4 (teens)
    Space 4 (teens)
  • Space 7 (teens)
    Space 7 (teens)
  • Space 9 (teens)
    Space 9 (teens)