Original Outdoour

  • Original Outdoour

    Here’s the story
    If you’re really serious about relaxing, in your garden, your balcony, wherever, then there’s really just one
    serious option: Fatboy Original Outdoor. The one and only outside bean bag.
    Original Outdoor is 6.65 kilos of instant relaxation. Forget sitting up straight, or with one leg neatly crossed over the other. This
    outdoor bean bag has just the one setting: relax. With a capital R. Sunglasses and a cool drink warmly recommended. Always
    wanted to rock on your Fatboy beanbag? That’s why Fatboy created the Rock ‘n Roll, as an oversized metal rocking frame that’s
    the perfect partner for your Outdoor Original. Place your outdoor bean bag on it and what have you got? The most relaxed
    rocking chair imaginable, that’s what. But be warned: you’ll never want to get out of it.

  • Original Outdoour
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      Hey 👋, we're Fatboy. For more than twenty years, we've been showing the world that things can be done differently. Life's already full enough of things that have to be done, or that are supposed to be done. Forget the rules! As soon as you let go of the way things are, you can see all of the possibilities. The world is your oyster! A world where everyone is welcome. Where you choose your own path and where imagination rules.

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