• Royal

    Royal is inspired by the world of fashion and interior decoration and is available in two versions distinguished by different backrest cushions: in the first case, the cushions are as wide as the seat while lots of small back cushions define the second option.

  • Royal
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    • Ditre Italia

      Ditre Italia specializes in the production of sofas, armchair sofa beds, dressed beds and accessories. The collection of Ditre Italia is offered on the condition that it will be unique, with an increased design requirement for every style and personal taste.
      Its products are born of a spirit that is the cornerstone of the business, created by passionate people to create more than mere objects. The sofa is an experience, a journey through a lifestyle that pulls us and never comes to an end. Our curiosity and experience fuel the desire to continue on our way to this unique adventure and continue with the same zeal.

    • Ditre Italia

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