Made to Measure

  • Made to Measure

    A mix of design and functionality as part of a huge range created for the customer who wants customized solutions and not just what everyone else has. A design project created to satisfy special requirements in terms of size and arrangement, capable of transforming your kitchen into a creative laboratory for experimenting with new style and functional features.

    Barazza has the ability to create an endless array of shapes in steel, in every Made to Measure product putting its expert craftsmanship and cutting edge technology to the best use. The elements are integrated: contours, surfaces and volumes create products with an exceptional pure design form. Unusual and extremely exclusive design solutions are achieved by combining custom-built cooking and washing elements with personalized finishes.

  • Made to Measure
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    • Barazza

      THE CULTURE OF MATERIALS. AND THE DESIRE TO EXPRESS IT IN ITS MOST REFINED FORM. Barazza’s solutions are the result of a profound understanding of materials and the tireless study of their potential applications. This all happens in Veneto, at the Santa Lucia di Piave factory situated in Treviso’s Stainless Steel Valley district, an area stretching from Conegliano to Vittorio Veneto where stainless steel is used to manufacture electrical appliances and other products. Where Barazza researches and studies shapes and performance characteristics and transforms them into products. Where anyone interested is invited to come and experience, touch and experiment. And to allow themselves to be fascinated.

    • Barazza

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