• Zero

    It’s all there on the surface, yet its soul goes a lot deeper. Zero is a latest-generation induction hob with a high-performance extraction system in the centre. The integrated hood, installed flush with the hob, is so effective it rids the air almost completely of fumes and water vapour: its complete range of functions widens our horizons of what is possible.

  • Zero

      90 cm Zero built-in and flush hob

      4 mm glass ceramic Touch Control 83×47.5 cm cut out flush: see technical sheet INDUCTION functions: Bridge, Booster, cooking end timer 1-99’, power management safety devices: electronic child safety lock, residual heat indicator, overflow alarm, safety switch-off minimum pan diameter: ø 120 mm adjustable power levels: 2.8-3.5 to 7.4 kW maximum absorbed power: 7.4 kW HOOD speeds: 3 + intensive speed rated air-flow: 800 m³/h pressure: 461 Pa noise level: 41-68 Lw (dBA) filter: AISI 304 stainless steel energy rating: A maximum absorbed power: 0. 124 kW optional filtering extraction minimum base height extracting configuration: 100 mm filtering configuration: 60 mm stainless steel extensible ducts depth: min 240 – max 320 height: min 700 – max 815 stainless steel motor cover duct exit: ø 150 mm Induction zones power: rear left: 2.1-3 kW (*) front left: 1.6-1.85 kW (*) rear right: 2.1-3 kW (*) front right: 1.6-1.85 kW (*) (*) with Booster function
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    • Barazza

      THE CULTURE OF MATERIALS. AND THE DESIRE TO EXPRESS IT IN ITS MOST REFINED FORM. Barazza’s solutions are the result of a profound understanding of materials and the tireless study of their potential applications. This all happens in Veneto, at the Santa Lucia di Piave factory situated in Treviso’s Stainless Steel Valley district, an area stretching from Conegliano to Vittorio Veneto where stainless steel is used to manufacture electrical appliances and other products. Where Barazza researches and studies shapes and performance characteristics and transforms them into products. Where anyone interested is invited to come and experience, touch and experiment. And to allow themselves to be fascinated.

    • Barazza

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